Nuno Queiroz Ribeiro ヌーノ・ケイロス・リベイロ

  • Portugal
  • ヘルシーダイエットシェフ

人々の健康を促進し、病気を予防、意識的な食事の味と価値を確立した功績により、保健省によって認められた最初のポルトガル人シェフ。 健康食品のシェフとして、健康と持続可能性のパターンを議論するWHOヨーロッパ会議内の討論に参加。



  • Activist Chef for an healthy diet

First Portuguese chef recognized by the Ministry of Health with a Distinction of Merit for promoting health, preventing disease and defending the flavours and values of conscious eating. Being an activist chef for healthy food, he has been invited to participate in debates within the WHO European meetings to discuss patterns for health and sustainability.

In partnership with the Lisbon City Council, he co-authored the “Crescer Saudável”, the first Portuguese pilot project dedicated to healthy eating in almost 100 schools. Responsible for catering at Redbridge School, where he designs school menus based on the Mediterranean diet.

Currently he is developing a Food Manifesto with an extended group of people with the mission to promote and spread our idea of how we should relate food consumption with our health and the planet sustainability.