Franco Pepe フランコ・ペペ

  • Italy

フランコ・ペペは、パン職人の家族の三代目として生まれる。2012年、カゼルタ県カイアッツォにPepe in Graniを、続いて2014年に「Tasting Room」を、2017年には小さなピッツェリア「Authentica」をオープン。Pepe in Graniでは、職人技、研究、トレーニング、革新を尊重し、2018年健康的な食事を促進するため地中海式食事法に続く「機能的なメニュー」を考案。

2019年、他のシェフ達との共同プロジェクト「Authentica Stellata」を立ち上げイタリア共和国功労勲章を授与される。


Franco Pepe represents the third generation of a family of bread makers. In 2012 he opens Pepe in Grani in Caiazzo (Caserta), in 2014 the “Tasting Room” and in 2017  the small pizzeria “Authentica”.  Pepe in Grani is a place where craftsmanship, research, training, and innovation fuse together. In 2018 he created a “functional menu” following the Mediterranean diet in order to promote healthy eating.

In 2019 he was awarded with the decoration of Cavaliere al Merito della Repubblica Italiana launching in the same year a new Chefs collaborative project: “Authentica Stellata”.

During the coronavirus emergency, he stood out for his service to the community, preparing pizzas and biscuits for the poor and for the elderly in difficulty.