Dimosthenis Panagiotakos デモステネス・パナギオタコス

  • Greece
  • アテネ、ハロコピオ大学にて生物統計学、研究メソッド、疫学教授
  • 健康、環境および新たなリスクの高レベル科学委員会のメンバー/ DG健康および食品安全、欧州委員会 (2016-2021)


  • Professor in Biostatistics, Research Methods and Epidemiology at Harokopio University in Athens (Greece)
  • Member of the high-level Scientific Committee of Health, Environment and Emerging Risks / DG Health and Food Safety, European Commission (2016-2021)

His research interests include NCD epidemiology and risk modelling, medical research methodology, and public health. He has published 3 books, over 800 scientific papers in peer-reviewed international journals and has more than 34.500 citations of his work (h-index of 77).